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Whether you are thinking on moving to the great London with your children, or just want to pursue your studies there, then, it is important you know how the education in London is.

This knowledge will allow you to be prepared for the education process. It is sure that you will find some differences between the education system in your country and that one in London, so pay attention at these differences.

The education goal in London is giving citizens the opportunity to grow professionally and personally according to their interest and abilities. The well-organized education system in this city shows that it is not only a good place to visit, but also to study.

Some London Schools reference

military schools in london

Military schools in London

Usually the students of military schools are teenagers with low academic potential, with problems on their behaviors or emotional issues, for these reasons parents decide for a military education, also people with interest in knowing about military education system can study in a military school.

Law schools in London

Law is, in our society, a mediator of relations between people, therefore the legal education is important, law schools provide education in legal history, philosophy, politics, sociology and economics, all these subjects are needed for becoming in a lawyer, the aspirants to lawyer should be fair and equitable.

Flight schools in London

Learn to fly can be a profession or only for fun, anyway, the flight industry is increasing every year, Flight Schools prepare their students for private, commercial, and airlines Pilot Certificates and offer training for the techniques and skills needed with certified instructors.

Pilot schools in London

Study in a Pilot school is an investment of time and money, the most Pilot Schools provide courses of training in aircrafts and helicopters, usually for obtain the pilot certificate, the students must pass a written knowledge test and a practical test that include an oral quiz and a flight test.

Technical schools in London

If you want to get an education certificate and find a job rapidly, a Technical School is appropriate for you, these institutions provide training and preparation for develop a particular type of employment, most Technical Schools have the follow categories: culinary, technology, wellness and health, business, beauty and arts and design.

Boarding schools in London

A Boarding School is an institution, where students live with their classmates and some teachers, on a school campus. In the mornings they study and in the weekends have social, sports and extracurricular activities, the benefit of boarding schools is that they provide experiences to help their students to mature.

Trade schools in London

Also called "Education for work", trade schools are a good option for people who don't want to study four or more years in a university and who want to develop a specific skill for an employment, the study time usually takes 2 years, but it depends on the career and the school.

Massage schools in London

In a Massage school you will learn about health and human body and all the skills necessary to become into an expert masseuse, some Massage Schools also provide training in professional development and career advice, for the students who want to have their own Massage Center or Spa.

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