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London has a variety of cuisine typical of their city. Many of her recipes are made and created by individuals in London and there are very few mixtures with other cultures. London grows his own food in their various fields, but like any other European culture also has an influence of surrounding countries, as the proximity of the countries in Europe makes it influence each other.

According to super chef JoŽl Robuchon: London is very possibly the gastronomic capital of the world. Visitors from around the world gave a positive verdict on this statement, since in the past 15 years, London is becoming one of the most important gourmet centers. In addition to not only obtain merit in their specialty food restaurants but also in bars, malls where you need a good place with a nice meal.

The gastronomic revolution for good London suffered a large majority is due to French influence in the 60's. Many of the chefs who are now the mainstay of the cuisine of France were formed in London. But using this training and the new inputs that the country could offer the food of London was finally able to re-invent and create new recipes and new dishes that best express the culture of London. Giving way to the familiar recipes that today enjoys every tourist or natural in their various restaurants.

Selection of recipes in London

Below is a selection of recipes in London, click on the recipe you want to read:

Cooking schools

Cooking schools in London

As people continue developing a taste for new and exotic food, the culinary industry will grow, therefore more people are interested in studying at cooking schools and obtain a culinary degree, and an aspirant to chef can choose a specific program such as: nutrition, pastry, culinary arts, beverage management, etc.

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