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Real Estate in London

If you’re looking for a house in London, there are many things that you have to know before you buy a house.

First, you have to know about the city; London is one of the greatest cities in the world and it has 5 international airports and 1 small airport that keep the city lively day and night. London, as the UK capital, has some real estate that is the most expensive in the world; you can find this real estate in western and northern districts. London doesn’t have restrictions for foreign buyers.

find a houses to buy in London

You have to know that the United Kingdom Real Estate is organizing because the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) regulates the property valuation in the UK. If you think that the property price isn’t correct, you can check it carefully through this institution.

There are many ways to find a house to buy in London; you can check the newspapers and find information about properties and how to contact the owners. If you buy a house directly from the owners, you will have better offers or the prices will be lower.

Another way to find a house is by contracting any of the Real Estate Companies that have a large list of properties to sell and you only have to choose among them; but the prices will be a little higher because you have to pay for the services of the company.

You can contact these companies by real estate agents that are responsible of valuing, advertising and negotiating. You can compare these agents to salespersons because both of them have to sell and sell to you.


London Mortgage Guide

Something everybody asks when they ask for a property is about mortgage tips, which is like a loan or lien on a property that you pay in a specific time. There are many kinds of mortgages that companies offer; the mortgage rate can vary so you must check it before choosing one. There are many kinds of mortgage too; some of them hereby:

  • Variable interest rate

  • Fixed interest rate

  • Discounted interest rate

  • Capped interest rate

  • Base rate tracker

  • Interest only Mortgage

How can I be a real estate agent?

If you want to be a real estate agent, you have to learn all about this business first; and you can learn all about it at any of the Real estate schools in London.

You can find any of these schools by asking people, telephone guide or searching on the internet. In the list below there are some schools but you have to investigate each of them carefully before choosing one; the list hereby:

•    Hurford Salvi Carr - 9 Branch Road, London - 020 7791 7071

•    Globe Estates - 479 Bethnal Green Road - 020 7729 2122

•    Boulle (International) - 2 Norland Place, London - 020 7221 5429

•    Portland Place School - 56-58 Portland Place, London - 020 7307 8700

•    Chartered Management Institute - 2 Savoy Court, City of London - 020 7497 0580

•    Curtis Sloane - 8 Portland Road - 020 7221 7755

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