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London Travel Guide

When to go to London

London has a warm climate in each of its stations the best way to accommodate its visitors, and also has various activities of relaxation and fun in every season. You can find activities you like best in each of the seasons featuring London to stay in that city.

London in summer

Summer is one of the best seasons to visit London, but does not go to the extreme heat, has a warm atmosphere to stroll and visit the streets of London, we recommend to prevent about the rain as this comes without warning. Summer begins almost half of June to mid-August or sometimes a little more, the main festivals that London has to offer. One of the main activities is the birthday of the Queen of England which is 21 April but is officially celebrated on the first Saturday of June. Other festivals in the summer there are festivals to the Buckingham Palace museum, and other various museums; as the summer carnivals.

The Royal Botanic Gardens, one of the major Summer festivals located in the Royal Park London. In most concerts that take place in London are in the summer due to the climate, the attractions are combined with concerts and most visitors are in town.

London in other seasons

Spring, autumn and winter introduce visitors to London the same festivities in museums and displays of culture, art and music in London. Thus also offer fun nights at the best clubs and bars in London featuring warm nights. Living environments, restaurants, shopping that keep heat inside the elegance that London represents.

High-Tourist June–September
Low-Tourist November–February
Best bang for your economy Late-February to early-May

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