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In recent years there has been a very low temperature, but what is common are high temperatures, so often the spring and summer are stretched more and winter and autumn are getting shorter. London's climate is changing while it has a summer or winter well defined by the heat or cold only slight, is characterized by sudden downpours, the weather in any season. London as one of the main and biggest cities of Europe has a tendency to be one of the most polluted but instead is a city that has a nice clean air, takes into account how important it is an environment healthy and clean air.

The best way to describe the weather in London is simply calling it unpredictable.

Summer Weather

In general, the summer is quite hot with an average of 20 C (66 F) and with a maximum of 37 C (89 F), with the bonus of a small breeze makes it somewhat tempered the atmosphere near the sea. The months of May and August were in higher proportion, the heat and humidity, rainfall is less common in summer but always changing in less than an hour spent a sunny day to a rainy day.

Winter Weather

Winter temperatures vary between 2 C to 6 C, with a slight breeze was chilly but it's very rare that there is snow. Winter is presented in the months of December, January and February. Winter does not express a lot with the cold or snow but it's always good to be cautious and wear warm clothing to prevent certain respiratory complaints.

Spring Weather

London takes a new look and the warm sun embraces every evening in London, but is one of the most unpredictable seasons, because there are weeks when rain is present almost daily and weeks in which the rain never comes. This season is between March and May. Its temperature varies between 12 C and 18 C.

Autumn Weather

Autumn in London is a time of poetry, beauty and spirituality. Even with the waste and small trails of summer sun even illuminate the falling leaves of the trees. The wind fluttered its leaves make such a view of the most wonderful. The falling autumn months are September to November and the temperatures vary from 10 C to 17 C. It's one of the wettest seasons, where almost half the entire average rainfall for the month.

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