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London, like other greats capitals of Europe, has a complete transports system, besides the last years, the persons who use the public system of transportation has come grow fast. More and more people begins to use buses, private taxis, the metro, trains even bicycles. All the equipments of transportation system are top quality. Otherwise, the system of transportation in London is fundamental to Tourism because is the medium by which the tourist can go and visits the different attractions and charms of London.

A good option to tourist and visitors is the TravelCard that is a pass-ticket to use it in the most types of transportation in London like London Underground Trains, transport in London buses, Docklands Light Rail, trains surface in zones 1-6, Tramlink and First Great Western journey to Windsor. Of course, the famous red buses of London are a unique spectacle; these ones run all over city and take some tourist places, perfect to visitors and adventurous tourists. Below, we show you the principal types of transportation in London.

London Tube (Underground Rail)

London The Tube (Underground Rail)The London underground is the oldest in the world, on this way, use of London subway is one of the attractions in London besides most of England call it like London Tube, this underground rail with its 275 rail stations and its branches throughout the city, offers to visitants a system of transportation cheap and complete. This service operates Monday to Friday from 05:30 am until 00:30 and weekends 7:30 am to 23:30 pm. The London Tube has 12 lines; each one belongs to four colors and each color belongs to different London destinations like Eastbound, Westbound, Northbound and Southbound.

But, for best information, the tourist can ask to personal services that are located in every London subway station, besides, don't take this service in peak hours traffic of people, is recommendable to persons who visit for first time London. Of course is necessary having the subway ticket on hand at the entrance and exit of the Train and pay attention to different lines and its different routes.

London Buses

London BusThe buses in London are the famous red buses; travel throughout London inside of these buses is a unique experience, the red buses begins to operate since 5:00 am to 12:00 of midnight, of course, a part of these cars, London has night's buses. An important thing to know is that you cannot buy the bus ticket inside buses otherwise these tickets is sold in every bus station in London and you can buy these before you take any bus.

However, if you avoid this inconvenient, you can buy the travelcard that is a card with a specific monetary amount, with which you can use the red buses anytime without paying all the time. The other card is the Oyster, a credit card with a determinate credit of money; this card can be used in anytime, too. Besides, the system of buses of London is the most safety around Europe.

For more detailed information see

Taxis in London

London TaxisThe classic old black cars of London are some of the charms of the England Capital, the London taxis along other attractive like the Big Ben or red buses, have become in one of the most representative characteristics of London. In the England capital exist around 23 000 taxis, all of them are well equipped and insured, besides their taxis drivers know each places and corner of London because they take an exam the Knowledge before obtain the taxi driver's license, this exam consist in recognize most of 20 000 London streets and learn to calculate the shortest distance between two points or places.

Therefore, each taxi drivers know all parks, gardens, cinemas, theaters, inter alia in London. Besides, all taxis are obligated to accept in transport services since 1 mile until 20 miles inside London. Therefore, taking a taxi in London is so expensive if you want travel alone, but if you are in a group the cost is reduced. These reasons make to Taxis in London, an efficient service of transportation and tourist guide around the England capital.


London BoatsIs one of the best forms to know the England Capital, by this form, you can see the attraction of London center. Of course this service is intended to Tourism and the route through Tamesě River is fascinate, in this trip you can see many attraction like Westminster Palace, the London eye, London bridge inter alia. Therefore, navigate through the river Tamesí is amazing. Tamesi is the river which runs through London.

You can hire boats since the docks in central London like Waterloo, Westminster, Embankment and much more. In these docks you can take boats to navigate to Greenwich, each boat leaves every 40 minutes since Westminster to Tower Bridge. Besides, the travelcard allows you use this service.


London CarFirst, most of cars in London are ancient but in perfect conditions. Second, the traffic in the England capital is one of the most terrible in all Unite Kingdom, of course in rush hour. Third, if you rent a car to move inside London, you have to get used to drive by the right side and pay parking tax in every place where you leave the car. This last step is very important because The England government is very stricter with tax and imposed.

Besides the new models of car that are sold in London are very small, this form to reduce the traffic accidents and traffic problems, too.


London WalkingTake a walk throughout London is a good option to avoid the traffic problems and the pollution of cars, besides is the best form to know the majority of attractions of London, all of them are located in London center.

By Walking you can know better the Tower of London, the Cathedral of St. Paul, the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, the British Museum and the Royal Albert Hall. Of course, bring with you a jacket and a windbreaker is important action to avoid the typical untimely rains.

Driving schools

Driving schools in London

To learn to drive is an important aspect in people's life, which is why you should choose an experimented driving school, many driving schools offer a variety of courses directed to young and adult people, for example: truck driving, motorcycle driving, bus driving, race driving and others.

Traffic schools

Traffic schools in London

Traffic education is focused on reducing traffic tickets and getting points off driving records; some traffic schools offer courses in classrooms and others offer online courses, which are beneficial because you can take the course anytime, the course time depends on the school, but it usually takes 8 hours.

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