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Nightlife in London

London, when it comes about nightlife, is one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, although its image of a conservative city, London boasts a variety of nightlife activities to help you have an exciting night on the town, because everything you could possibly want such as theatre, movies, shopping, pubs, live entertainment, nightclubs, etc., you'll find it right down the street from where you’re staying.

You'll notice that people in London surely know how to party because after any day, whether it's after work or not, events, parties, and amusement are available for any taste and budget. You it might be your problem not to look for a great place but to choose the best of all the options. We suggest to get a weekly guide to events, before your amazing night, you'll find those guides sold at any newspaper stand.

nightclubs & Discos in London

Some of the best places you may find in London are:

  • Discos and clubs: These places are usually located in the ancient heart of the city, initially were illegal but now are the lifeblood of this place every Friday and Saturday nights. Some of the most popular are: Time Out, 333, Corsica Studios, Egg, Fabric, Heaven, Ministry of Sound, and more.

  • Nightclubs: Why don’t you try one of these nightclubs? Places full of comfort, style and selected clientele; some of them are: Babble, Opal, Shadow Lounge, Inc Club, IndigO2, and more.

  • Music: You can enjoy of any kind of music, in the innumerable bars and pubs that you can locate across the city. London is also home to world’s leading orchestras (the London Symphony Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra, and others) that perform in theatres and special auditoriums.

  • DJ Bars: these establishments are popular for being full of style and a great atmosphere to enjoy a perfect nightlife. Some of the most famous are: 93 feet east, bar Rumba, the Big Chill House, Boogaloo, TBar and Plastic people.

  • Cabaret and Comedy: for people that need more than music to enjoy nightlife; a cabaret is a place in which you may enjoy of unique performances, with special sceneries and unforgettable presentations, some of them are: Bethnal green working men's club, Bistrotheque, Cellar Door, and more. The same with comedy, they boast intimae environments for visitors to create a great relationship between comic and the audience; the most visited places are: Comedy Café, Comedy store.

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