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The city of London is made up of 33 districts in an area of 1 579 square kilometers, with a density of approximately 4 452 persons per square kilometer. So London becomes the eighteenth metropolis in the world and the twenty-fifth largest city in the world. That is why for a visitor or tourist is more than needed a map to your location within the city.

In the maps presented on this page, we have the political division of its 33 regions or districts, as well as the map where you can locate the main attractions this city offers to its tourists, as this city is characterized by its architecture, its large sculptures from colonial times as the modern representation of its greatest performers, especially its visual attractions such as the parks it has. This also presents a geographical map with the green areas and tropical areas.

If you plan to visit London note the following maps, where we could get better and you will enjoy your stay in the magnificent city of London. As any guide there is also a map with major medical centers, transit stations, police stations and roads or roads if you drive a car.


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