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London is one of the most visited cities in the world. People do not only visit the city, many of them decide to stay and work there. Young people are indeed very keen about traveling to other countries because they can learn new languages, cultures and get better jobs.

How to do to find Jobs in London

Finding a job in London can be tricky if you do not know how to approach your job search. It's much easier if you know the right ways in which to find employment before you arrive. Try to gather all the information you need about job hunting in London. Research is imperative in a job hunt as well as the assessment of your job goals, skills and location.

Sometimes, looking for interesting international job offers can be tricky; however, you will have many options to find the right job through Internet and newspapers and you can visit employment agencies as well, and get information about vacancies and applications.

How to do when you arrive to London?

When you have arrived in London the first you should to do is visit London's employment assistance center and job banks that are provided to locals within the city. There, people are always willing to help you find a job that will suit your skills.

Also you should visit recruitment offices. They will then match you with jobs in the field that best suits your experience. Talk to contacts or any new friends that you may have in London. Research London newspapers and look through the classifieds of each paper. All London newspapers offer a selection of employment offers and a variety of job offers.

The job search in London depends, of course, on candidates’ qualifications, job experience and English language level. Nowadays, language knowledge is essential; that’s why the best companies and organizations require advanced or, at least intermediate, English language level.

Some job search resources

If you want to apply for a job then you have to build a well-written resume free of mistakes that describes your main goals and achievements. It’s important to forward your resume with a particular objective in mind and be selective about what to include in your resume, it’s not necessary you place all your job experience, just the most important ones or the ones related to the job vacancy you’re applying for.

If you need help to do that, you can find some downloadable resume templates online here. These resume templates will help you to write a professional resume and how you can organize your information such as skills, attributes and professional experience. There is a resume for every field you only have to add the main job offers’ keywords.

Also, it’s necessary to write an organized, clear and direct cover letter. The main objective of the cover letter is to demonstrate the employer your interest and knowledge about the company. So, the better informed you are about the company’s business the better results you will have. It’s advisable you write a letter each time you apply for a job.

Don’t forget to include all your academic activities and your professional experience in the resume sample. Use a formal language and remember that your goal is to get a job interview and convince the interviewer that you are the perfect candidate for the job. Your resume must not be longer than three pages, take into account that managers usually don’t have a lot of time to review large resumes, be brief and concise, and try to get the manager’s attention with the first paragraphs of your cover letter.

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