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Healthcare in London

Here you can find out where your closest private clinic or hospital is, or search for a hospital offering specialist treatments.

Find the Best Hospitals in London

As the UK’s principal city London can offer an abundance of healthcare options and facilities, from Camden to Lewisham and beyond. Here at Healthcare UK you can browse the Best Hospitals in London where you could be treated, and find out more about each institution’s specialist areas.

You can also read about our featured medical professionals who work in these hospitals and clinics, who are all exceedingly well qualified and experienced.

Specialist hospitals in London

Many hospitals in London specialise in various areas of treatment, so it is worth doing your research if you require specific medical treatment or procedures. An example are medical centers specialized in sports and diets. In some of these centers can perform medical tests to determine what type of diet or exercise are recommended for each person, even differentiating by gender. Among the most frequent analysis are those that analyze your basal metabolic rate, in order to determine the amount of calories you must ingest. Alternatively there are tools on the internet like this bmr calculator for men, with a very high degree of accuracy, allows you to control this type of values.
If you are looking for a career in any healthcare areas you can find some information about medical schools here:

Medical schools in London

Medical education consists of learning about the science of the human body, Medical schools usually have an structure of two periods: Pre-Clinical and Clinical, through the first period students learn all the theory subjects about human health and in the second period they apply this knowledge to patients.

Nursing schools in London

Nursing is a rewarding career, because a nurse is very important in the recovery process of a patient, an aspirant to nurse needs emotional stability to cope with human suffering and emergencies. provide the required knowledge to work in hospitals, offices, private homes, schools, etc.

Pharmacy schools in London

A pharmacist can work in hospitals, in his/her own pharmacy, in laboratory of any pharmaceutical company or as teacher in colleges or universities, Pharmacy schools provide knowledge needed to manage drugs and practical classes in pharmaceutical laboratories.

Dental schools in London

Oral health is essential in human life, because a poor oral health could affect basic human needs; Dental schools teach their student classes about the oral cavity.

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