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Moving to London is exhilarating and terrifying, all at once. Big city, lots of people, always busy and add to that trying to work in London, and you've got yourself a significant task: to find good, respectable, gainful employment in the third most expensive city in the world, while still retaining your life and responsibilities.

London offers great opportunities for professionals working in different fields such as architecture, project management, art edition, medicine, public relations, and so on. People who have experience in these areas would find a better job than others.

Here we have a number of tips, resources and other information to help guide you as you search for good job in London:

London Employment Agencies

Looking for a job is always a big challenge, especially in big cities like London, but it is easier if you have employment agencies assistance. They can be private or state-sponsored organizations, where professionals in human resources can help you to find the most suitable job according to your skills, job experience and educational background.

The first step to be considered as a candidate for the job vacancies by the London employment agencies is to address to one of them and fill their applications. Then the human resources area will put your resume in the database of skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled candidates, depending on your capabilities. Finally they will contact you as soon as some company asks them for someone with your profile.

Agencies usually carry out interviews to ensure applicants fulfill companies´ requirements. But sometimes they give the contact information of a company to the candidates in order for them to schedule a job interview with the company.

The United Kingdom is going through a severe financial and labor crisis this year, that’s why the applicants have to be more competitive in order to get a job. That’s why people should build their resume well and try to sell themselves. To make a good impression is essential.

London Jobs for foreigners

London, like all major Western cities, is packed with all kinds of small jobs. When arriving in London looking for work, the first option available is often to take a job in the catering sector. This sector employs a large amount of foreigners, with or without experience. The advantage of such jobs is that they are easily accessible to foreigners with beginners English, and it is a good way to improve your english language skills quickly. To find restaurant or pub jobs, go to a Jobcentre, check the job websites or you can go door to door with a copy of your CV.

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