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Shopping in London

The capital of England has become a city of high consumption, of course, you can find since shops and malls until stores for people of low income. However, London is known as a luxury city because it have the most exclusive shopping malls and stores therefore for many people, shopping in London is an unique experience in the life. But, to go shopping in London we need tree things, time to take walk around the most of Shopping malls and stores, monetary budget to buy the most exclusive handcrafts, clothes inter alia and the willingness to spend in beautiful memories of London.

To begins, The Soho, a traditional neighborhood of London, here you can find handcraft and antiques at great prices, Soho is the best place to get beautiful memories of the capital of England, also here is the Agent Provocateur lingerie store in Broadwick Street besides many restaurants and bars offers the local dishes and meals. Other good point is Covent Garden; this is the continuous neighborhood of Soho, here you can find the most prestigious brands like, Jigsaw, Oasis, Wharehouse, Dorothy Perkins, River Island, Accesorize, Moonsoon inter alia. On the center of this neighborhood, on the Covent garden square, is located a little market that changes its thematic every week, for example, market of jewelry, other week, market of antiques.

Oxford and Regan Street are perfect places to visit; however, a good advice is not visiting these places in weekends because you can lose so many people that visit the streets, too. In these are stores and malls of exclusive stores, too, like Zara, Mango, H&M, Selfridges, John Lewis and much more. However, other interesting street to visit is the Carnaby Street; it is a parallel to Regent Street, the famous 70`s malls were located in Carnaby, nowadays, exist still 2 or 3 of them where you can buy everything, since sport clothes until a soaps store.

In my Mayfair, you can see but not touch because in this street are the most exclusive markets, stores and malls of clothes, shoes and jewelries. Of course, I you donít have enough money to spend, the best that you can do is lose in the street and take a walk to see the most biggest music and movie stars around united kingdom and the rest of world. Some people affirm that is possible find to Madonna and her husband or Jhonny Depp buying in some of these stores. An additional note is that the exclusive stores of Stella McCartney (Daughter of Paul McCartney) and Mar Jacobs are located her, too.

London markets

However, if you don't like the big and fashion shopping center, you can visit the litter markets in the capital of England, like Candem Town, in this England markets you can find different and interesting articles and souvenirs like books, CD music, inter alia, otherwise you can go to is Nothing Hill, the market is only open on Saturday mornings, in this place was make the film A place called Nothing Hill with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.

In conclusion, if you want travel and visit one of the most important cities in Europe, bring some coins because the shops, malls, stores and market of London will surprise you.

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